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Clarity affords focus

Welcome to April! Spring is upon us, and so is tax season. Many of us are shifting our focus to not only getting them done, but getting them done right and maximizing our return.

As a small business owner and independent contractor, I see the value in hiring a tax professional with thorough knowledge in the nuances of my business. Likewise, I encourage my clients and property owners to do the same. Finding someone with tax and accounting experience specific to real estate can be extremely beneficial when considering 1031 Exchanges, Property Tax protests, and more.

On the national real estate front, there is quite a bit happening and some “Clarity on the horizon.” What does this mean for commercial real estate? Read my article to find out more.

I am looking forward to seeing the positive trends coming our way and how clarity will positively impact our local and national commercial real estate. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Contact me today and let’s get a discussion started.

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