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Overcoming the Scary Side of Real Estate

As Halloween approaches, what scares you? Might it be a freaky costume or a gory jack-o-lantern? Super scary haunted houses? A witch laughing?

Or might it be something completely unrelated to Halloween. Have you ever pondered the alarming rate our country is in need of mental health assistance? The nation’s ever rising crime? Or the phenomenal amount of debt our nation has acquired? Perhaps you are concerned about inflation or our labor force? Or maybe you are somewhat scared of the commercial real estate sale and/or leasing process?

Although I am not an expert at all of these things, I have lived a good part of my life educating myself causing me not have concern. Take Halloween, for example. The name is derived from the Old English “hallowed” meaning holy or sanctified and is now usually contracted to be the more familiar work Hallowe’en. All Hallows Eve, the night before All Saints Day, is a fairly religious day intended to celebrate all of those who have gone to Heaven, not a dreary day at all. I invite you to pause briefly this Halloween and All Saints Day to honor those who have gone before you; especially loved ones. I will be!


Inflation fears

If you are scared of inflation, know it is going to improve from its current situation. Similar to the stock market, inflation ebbs and flows and will eventually level out. And although our labor force is changing right before our eyes, many will be forced to return to work to make ends meet now that the federal government stimulus funds are coming to an end.

Real Estate sales and leasing, in general, are not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Rather, it is unique to you, your company and your level of risk tolerance. It requires focus, innovative thinking and asking good questions. According to an Urban Land Institute speaker I recently heard here in Albuquerque, we are experiencing falling unemployment, stable rents in the best locations and some market growth.

I can help you understand the current state of the commercial real estate market and address the concerns you have in your business and the market. I can help you incorporate your growth strategy into your search and show you how you can leverage your commercial real estate needs into many years of improved bottom line. Let’s connect in the coming days/weeks and discuss your future with commercial real estate.

In November, I will address both national and local 3rd quarter 2021 statistics, reflections, and 2022 predictions. I am hearing vacancy is continuing to decline.

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