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Will COVID-19 bring manufacturing back to the U.S.?

It is anticipated we will see more manufacturing brought back to the United States, particularly for anything healthcare-related. Asian supply chain disruptions are the main source of the change.

Many companies have seen their supply lines frozen because they cannot get the necessary parts. This is going to open up opportunities and ultimately be great for our job market here in the US.

Manufacturing a product close to where its purchasers are located, especial in times of crisis makes a lot of sense. If your client base is here in the US, then manufacturer here. Why run the risk of the product arriving late?
Product delivery times can ultimately be reduced when the product is manufactured near the end user.

If we see manufacturing move home to the US, it will drive the need for distribution via intermodals, trucking and rail. This will only add to the growing demand for good industrial assets creating economic development in industrial buildings across the United States.

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